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Financial Wellness

Peter Katevatis - Nov 28, 2019
Are you having trouble retaining employees? Consider offering them financial wellness services to ensure their financial stability and happiness

It’s Thursday afternoon and time for your yoga class, one of the highlights of your bi-weekly routine to reset your body and mind.  Thoughts wander to dinner as you plan your first attempt at lemongrass soup, does someone have to mow lemongrass?


It is very common practice for people to take care of their body & mind.  It has become more of a stigma to smoke and drink than walking around a little sweaty after a workout.  Most of us realize that health and wellness is a process and not an event, it takes a lifestyle change to make ourselves feel better.  The same can be said for our financial wellness.


Katevatis Wealth Management - Financial Wellness


For many business owners, the common theme I keep hearing is “it’s SO HARD to find good people and keep them!”  Management keeps throwing perks and higher salaries at their staff but they keep leaving or worse… not applying for open positions.  One way we can help is by listening to the individuals and helping them deal with the struggles they face.


Unfortunately for many managers, many of their employees face financial stresses that go beyond more money.  They do not have an adequate plan for retirement, and they don’t trust the information they read online.


Financial stress often manifests itself in the body.  It can cause headaches, poor digestion, sleeplessness and irritability.  It also causes greater susceptibility to colds & flu which raises employee absenteeism.  Long term effects include heart disease, high-blood pressure, diabetes, and mental disorders of depression and anxiety.


The team at Katevatis Wealth Management recently hosted a financial information workshop for a local company to educate the staff on what Financial Wellness means and how it can be attained.  This led to a wonderful open conversation of what employees are worried about and what they hope to attain.  To respect individual’s privacy, specifics were discussed in one-on-one sessions, but the Human Resources department was truly enlightened.  Many items discussed had never been on their radar before.


Ultimately, the employees saw true value in the workshop and feel more empowered to get their financial house in order.  This long-term planning, being linked to the company, should help build loyalty, health and overall employee satisfaction.  We all strive for some form of happiness, but rarely do we plan for it.


Reach out today to see if your staff would enjoy a Financial Wellness presentation.

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