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Top Questions for 2019

Peter Katevatis - Dec 18, 2019
Looking back on 2019 there were many questions our clients were asking that we found ourselves answering, here are some of the main themes.

Top Investing Questions for 2019

As the year and decade nears the end it is a wonderful time for reflection.  The pace of life always seems to be accelerating so some calm introspective time is good for the soul.  As many of you know we are constantly Looking Forward to the future, but it is also important to review the past events and be thankful for the parts of our lives that bring us joy.
Looking back on 2019 there were many questions our clients were asking that we found ourselves answering.  We have compiled the table below just in case you also have had similar inquiries.  Think of this blog as a flashback edition without the musical interlude.


Top Questons for 2019
Question What is the TFSA limit for 2020?
Answer The TFSA limit for 2020 is $6,000 plus any carry over from 2019. To determine your exact limit I recommend logging into CRA My Account
Question What is Bitcoin?
Answer As the crypto currency matures, I reference my blog from Jan 2018
Question What rate of return can we get on cash?
Answer Interest rates always go up and down and there is a current trend for lower rates, currently we can get 1.70% on cash via Manulife Bank (subject to change)
Question When is the last day for tax loss selling?
Answer Since equity trades have a two-day settlement, the last day is Dec 27, 2019
Question Will there be a recession?
Answer Absolutely, yes.  However, we don’t know WHEN it will be (months, years, decades?!?)
Question Do I need to have a will?
Answer Almost always the answer is yes but it depends on your specific assets & desires
Question Can I get a high rate of return with no risk?
Answer Unfortunately, the answer is no. Risk and potential return rise together


I hope you enjoyed the review of some typical Q&A we have received.  If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.  Now it’s time to start thinking of 2020 resolutions and goals for the next decade.