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Frequently Asked Questions

At Katevatis Wealth Management we pride ourselves on giving people answers to their individual questions for their family's specific needs.  We do not believe in "one size fits all" or categorizing client needs.  With that in mind there are a few overarching questions that tend to repeat themselves.  Here are a few of the common questions & answers:


How much do your services cost?
There are several variables that determine your fees (Total Assets, Service Needs, Investment Style) but generally your total annual fees will be between 1-2% of assets.
What is your investment philosophy or style?
Having been a licensed investment advisor since 1996 my style has evolved.  I don't shy away from Growth ideas but I have consistently gravitated towards Value.
What credentials should an Investment Advisor have?
In Canada, a full service investment advisor is regulated by IIROC, beware of the broad title of Financial Planner.  Verify their license here.
How often will we meet to review the financial plan?
At minimum we will meet once per year but 2-3 meetings is typical.  Regular email and phone conversations are always available.
How do you measure success?
We use the standard benchmarks to determine quantifiable success but I prefer to measure your feelings.  If you are comfortable and happy we have been successful in creating an investment portfolio that is suitable for you.

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