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Get a Second Opinion

If you are working with someone who has prepared a financial plan or you are unsure about your present and future situation, it is a good idea to reach out for a second opinion.  Below is a form you can complete so that we can help you with that process.

The output is only as good as the input, so please take the time to fill out the form as completely and accurately as possible.

If you would prefer a more personal touch, please contact us to make an appointment.  Call Katevatis Wealth Management direct at 604-643-7582.

Get a Second Opinion

It is always wise to get an additional opinion if you have reservations about your personal financial plan. This form will help collect some information to help us determine what is right for you.

The better the information you input, the higher quality the output will be.

If you have never been through this exercise before, please take your time and feel free to ask any questions. This can also be done face to face if you are not comfortable with the online form.