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Investment Strategy

One of the keys to success is investing in a suitable manner that fits your needs.  Your personal goals, investment style, and risk tolerance are all taken into consideration before we choose a path.  Too often, investment plans are created by industry professionals then clients are told why they should buy them.  For investors to feel comfortable they should determine what they need before they execute on their investments.

Investment Strategies tend to fall into one of these styles:

Optimized Portfolios are part of Canaccord Genuity Global Portfolio Solutions (GPS).  Capital preservation is the cornerstone of this strategy with a mechanism to lower volatility and insulate against dramatic market highs and lows.

Complete Canaccord Investment Counselling Program (ICP) provides discretionary money management from world-class portfolio managers with diverse styles and investment mandates.

Canaccord Genuity's Blue Chip Portfolios are flexible and dynamic and ideally suited for the hands-on investor.  Investments can be in cash, margin, or registered accounts (RRSP, RRIF, etc) and give the client the most control over their investment portfolio.




Optimized Portfolios


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