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"If you're not in touch with Peter you should be. I went to a Financial Planner at a bank and they were only interested in selling me their bank products - with Peter he took the time to understand my situation with real advice before anything else."

R Dosanjh
Vancouver, BC


"Peter is one of Vancouver's best senior investment advisors!"

Kristie Searle
Vancouver, BC


“I am an entrepreneur just over 30 and I really needed someone who I could trust to balance the aggressive growth I wanted from my RRSP with an acceptable level of risk. Peter provided a disciplined approach to match my objectives while providing a host of other non-registered investment services. Peter is well educated and has a strong history in the investment arena and this delivers increased value to me year after year”

Patrick Walsh
Toronto, ON


“I am very happy with Peter. I have learned a lot from him, and have recommended to many of my friends to transfer their accounts to him.”

Thomas Chiu
Vancouver, BC

“Peter helped me through the building of my business, with my exit strategy when selling my business, and now during my retirement. His knowledge and understanding of both business and the financial markets has helped me in innumerable ways beyond what a typical investment advisor would. Most of all, he laughs at my jokes.”

Mal Sebal
West Vancouver, BC

"Peter is to the point, clear, efficient, and honest.  And even better, he achieves all of this with a naturally positive and relaxing manner.  Net/net great to work with."

David Walker
Vancouver, BC


"I really enjoy reading  your newsletters"

Tom Unger
Prince George, BC