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There are many different advisors at many different firms, so here is a list of items that make us unique.


Led by Peter, who has been a licensed full service advisor since 1996, you can be assured that we will be here to help you now and in the future.  Our team has been through many cycles of the economy and life; you can always depend on our help to meet your goals.


Canaccord Genuity Corp is an independent firm which allows us to execute on the best path for you, whichever path that is.  You will never be jammed into "Portfolio B" because we classify you as "Client A".  We tailor everything to meet your specific needs.


Our positive and professional service will ensure your comfort and peace of mind.  Our jokes might occasionally be corny, but our work ethic and competence is world class.


Surprises are fun, except when they are with your finances. At Katevatis Wealth Management, you will always fully understand and be aware of what we are doing.  We offer full fee and performance clarity with annual reports on how much you pay and what your net return was.


Our primary concern and focus is on taking care of the client; solid relationships and prosperous business flows from there.  We are not the right fit for everyone, but with the help of our expansive network, hopefully we can find someone who can help you.

The financial industry has a habit of confusing most Canadians.  The big banks and often the media bombard the public with information that creates more fear than comfort.  We look forward to hearing from you to ensure we are the right fit to guide you and your family.